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About Us

William & Rebekah Potter started their premium cannabis products company Potter's Natural Essentials almost 10 years ago. They began as extractors, launching Hemp Pantry 3 years ago. Today, the company portfolio includes vape products, chocolates, tinctures, topicals, and gummies, customizing different cannabinoids and it has a footprint in four states.

We are a Family Business

Potter owned a flooring business for almost 18 years, operating in Florida. While working as a License Massage Therapist, his wife approached Potter about the idea of getting into the cannabis industry. They entered the industry and have been working together ever since as partners in the business. Potter's son and daughter in law run the company’s operations.

Our Hemp products are to offer users a safe, effective alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature's perfect remedies.

Our Vision is to bring our customers natural products and understand that "There's Always An Alternative!"

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